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The enjoyment of birding in Alaska is enhanced by learning where and when to find the birds one is searching for. Proper trip planning can maximize one's chances at seeing a high number of bird species during a trip to Alaska. Alaska's range of natural habitats - arctic, tundra, boreal forests, rainforest, and seacoasts - reflects a wide diversity of ecosystems and therefore, bird species. The diversity of habitats and the migration patterns to Alaskan breeding grounds offer a magnificent display and an amazing opportunity to see birds in their breeding plumage that many birders rarely get to observe.

Birding in Alaska is often best during peaks of migration, the breeding season, and/or when high concentrations of food attract birds (such as salmon runs). The breeding season in Alaska is very brief, especially north of the Arctic Circle, so it's important to refer to the regional bird finding guides or tour operators to learn about the best times and areas for bird watching. Birds abound in and around Petersburg. Whether sitting relaxing at Waterfront or serious hiking or boating, interesting bird sightings are continuous. Guided field trips can be arranged.

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