Petersburg Sport Fishing

Sport fishing in Southeast Alaska is superb and the Petersburg area opportunities are sure to delight. The protected marine waters and numerous streams and lakes surrounding Petersburg provide populations of Salmon, Halibut, Lingcod, several species of shellfish and excellent freshwater opportunity for Steelhead, Rainbow Trout, Cutthroat Trout, Dolly Varden Char, Arctic Grayling and Brook Trout.

All five species of Pacific Salmon are plentiful in the Petersburg area. The King Salmon, largest of the Salmonoids, pass through local waters from late April through June with a peak in June. They are returning to their mainland streams to spawn and are typically caught trolling fresh or frozen herring. The hard-fighting Coho Salmon sports best action in the mid-August through September time period. These 10-pound average fish are sometimes in large schools and provide action that will not be forgotten. The Pink Salmon is the smallest, yet most abundant salmon in local waters with large schools arriving near stream mouths in late July and early August. These 3-pound average fish are a light tackle treat. The Sockeye Salmon, rated by many anglers and gourmets as the best fighting and most delectable of the species, are caught in freshwater in July. Sockeye feed on crustaceans and zooplankton and do not feed when they enter freshwater. They can be a challenge for the angler. Chum Salmon are often caught while trolling for other salmon species.

Bottomfish conjures images of Rockfish and while many species of rockfish are available around Petersburg, the most popular of these groundfish is the Halibut . Adult halibut over 300 pounds have been caught locally with 30 pounds being the average. Halibut will eat almost any offering with whole or partial bait or lures of many varieties topping the list. Halibut are available February through December with May to September being the peak.


Freshwater opportunity abounds around Petersburg with early spring action for the most prized of the freshwater fish, the Steelhead at the top of the list. These sea-run rainbow trout are in large concentrations from March to May with fish to 20 pounds providing light tackle and fly anglers with a real angling treat from local streams. The venerable Rainbow trout provides great opportunity for the fly-fishing or light spinning tackle angler in local streams with fish to 18 inches being normal. Spring and Summer and late Fall are the peak with fishing year-round being possible. The cutthroat trout is a native trout that thrives as a resident and sea-run species. Most freshwater habitats around Petersburg provide Cutthroat action. Trophy fish of over 3 pounds have been caught in the Petersburg vicinity. The Dolly Varden Char is available as a sea-run variety and freshwater resident of Petersburg with the best fishing from late spring to early fall. The unique Artic Greyling with its long dorsal fin, is resident to the colder streams and peaks at 8 inches in length. For the adventure minded individual with good boots and strong legs, Crystal Lake near Petersburg hosts a population of Brook Trout with early fall being the preferred angling time.

For more information on fishing the Petersburg area please consult the
Alaska Department of Fish and Game


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